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Chris Hein - Horns Pro Vol.3 Muted Brass Download

Chris Hein - Horns Pro Vol.3 Muted Brass Download

Chris Hein Horns - Pro Vol.3 - Muted Brass
- Download Edition -

This product has a download size of 19GB!
Only order this product if you are sure you can manage 19GB download

01 Trumpet A Mt Harmon
02 Trumpet B Mt Harmon
03 Trumpet C Mt Harmon
04 Trumpet D Mt Harmon
05 Trumpet E Mt Straight
06 Trumpet F Mt Straight
07 Trumpet G Mt CUP
08 Trumpet H Mt CUP
09 Trombone-Tenor A Mt Cup
10 Trombone-Tenor B Mt Cup
11 Trombone-Tenor C Mt Straight
12 Trombone-Tenor D Mt Bucket
13 Trombone-Bass A Mt Cup
14 Trombone-Bass B Mt Cup
15 Trombone-Bass C Mt Straight
16 Trombone-Bass D Mt Bucket

17 Trumpet Section - 4 Open 4 Harmon 2 Cup 2Straight
18 Trumpet Section - 2 Open 2 Straight 2 Cup
19 Trumpet Section - 1 Open 1 Harmon 1 Cup 1 Straight
20 Trumpet Section - 2 Harmon 2 Cup
21 Trumpet Section - 4 Harmon (A/B/C/D)
22 Trumpet Section - 2 Harmon (A/B)
23 Trumpet Section - 2 Harmon (C/D)
24 Trombone Section - 6 Open 4 Cup 2 Straight 2 Bucket
25 Trombone Section - 4 Cup 2 Straight 2 Bucket
26 Trombone Section - 4 Cup
27 Trombone Section - 2 Cup 2 Straight 2 Bucket Bass-Trombone
28 Trombone Section - 2 Cup 2 Straight 2 Bucket Tenor-Trombone

Chris Hein Horns is an outstanding virtual sampled brass instrument library.Main Features:

  • ca. 20.000 Samples
  • 19 GB content
  • aprox. 2.000 Samples per instrument
  • 18 different playing techniques
  • All playing techniques in one programm
  • Up to 8 Velocities per note
  • 6 DSP Efx and 21 high class convolution reverbs included
  • New control features:
  • Key-Switch Presets, Hot-Keys, Key-Vibrato and Real-Vibrato , Legato- and Glide-Mode, Growl-Control, Air-Control, Keys-Control, Spit-Control, Dirty-Notes, Breath Release-Trigger, and more.

CHH Vol 2 has a unique user interface. 72 control-features in 11 different edit pages let you customize any aspect of sound shaping and playability

Dynamic: Up to 8 dynamics have been sampled for each playing technique. This enables complete control over the dynamics and provides a greater amount of variation per note. To avoid the machinegun-effect in repetitions simply adjust the velocity in your sequenzers editor or use the programmed hotkeys.

Velocity X-Fade: In the pro version of Chris Hein - Horns, many samples have been phase-synced using a unique technique, which was exclusively developed for CHH. Finally its possible to blend between the velocity layers. Five different X-Fade modes let you create realistic crescendos and manual dynamic changes.

Software: Chris Hein - Horns comes with a full licence of the famous "Kontakt-Player5" from Native instruments.This easy to use software guarantees the compatibility with Mac ore PC. You can run the "Kontakt-Player5" as a plug-in with any software sequenzer, or as standalone-version. You can also use and edit the instruments in the full version of Kontakt5, because the editor is not locked!

System Requirements: Kontakt-Player5.02

Windows Windows 7 (latest Service Pack, 32/64 Bit), Intel Core Duo or AMD Athlon 64 X2, 2 GB RAM

Mac Mac OS X 10.6.8 or 10.7, Intel Core Duo, 2 GB RAM

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